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KG Festaholics
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Due to the complete lack of interest this community has experienced in the past year, allong w/ the popularity of the FBgroup, this comm is now closed. The mods are elsewhere (likely at the FBgroup), doing other things & I can only assume the same of the members themselves.

Due to spambots, before being retired, the comm was on moderated membership. Pretty much all it meant was that you'd need to ask & we'd be happy to accept you into the fold. Now though, we'll be referring you to the FBgroup (are you sensing a trend here?)


Chat about past and present KG's, tell us stories, tell us what happened at your camp this year... tell us how excited you are for KG to arrive!!! Anything KG-related is welcome.

If you're doing a workshop this year, or did one last year... tell us about it. If you wish someone would do a workshop on __________, then go ahead and post it. Maybe you'll inspire someone.

Feel free to let us know if you are vending this year, but please keep it under 5 lines long, or you'll need to lj-cut it.

Discussing other upcoming or past fests is okay, but please do try to tie it in to KG in some way. It'd be great if we heard some stories over the winter months to keep us all psyched and out of the winter blahs!

As always, a few rules:
  1. If you are advertising another LJ Community - If it's not another fest-related one, don't bother. You'll be invited to leave. If you refuse to leave, we will send Security Trolls after you.
  2. If you want to post photos - Follow the KG Fest Rule: if you're going to take a photo, ask everyone in the shot if it's OK. Further, if you are going to post it online, double check with the people in the photo, that it's OK. If someone in a photo you've posted asks you to take it down, comply. Last but not least, please use lj-cut if you are posting photos.
  3. Please use general netiquette - Don't flame, don't name-call, don't gossip about others. Keep the swearing to a minimum.
  4. Please lj-cut responsibly - If your post is not "Work Safe" for any reason (swearing, photos, or "what happened in my tent" stories)... please lj-cut with a warning. Also, if it IS a "what happened in my tent" story, please leave your tentmates anonymous.
  5. Mark your posts to this community as "Friends Only", so that only other community members will be able to read them.
  6. There are plenty of LJ Communities for bitching about fellow pagans if you must, for snarky remarks about other pagans' posts, for nitpicking grammar, etc. Keep it off this list and go join those, if you must.

Three strikes, you're out. Not because the mods are cranky, but because if you can't follow a few simple rules of respect... you're not welcome on the list. *shrugs*

Other than that... have fun and tell your friends we're here! :)
Just FYI, Kaleidoscope Gathering also has a Yahoo Group.

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